Jeff's 2010 Fantasy NASCAR Challenge League Rules
2010 Nextel Cup Series

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Fantasy NASCAR Challenge League runs 2 Halfs in the 2010 Nextel Cup Series season.
Entry fee is $50.00 per Half Season.

Fees are due in full before the fourth race of each half.

Payout 1st Half Season of 2010:
1st Place pays $275

2nd Place pays $150

3rd Place pays $100

4th Place pays $75

5th Place $50
All fees taken in are paid out in cash prizes
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Weekly Driver Selection:
There will be 2 rounds consisting of 18 races each.
A Driver can be selected only once per half season.
All driver picks must be emailed or called in to Jeff Javes by 9PM the Thursday before the race.
---> Call 763-782-0810 (leave message if needed) or EMail <---
Lineups are planned to be posted online ASAP after that unless webmaster is out of town, then we will advise you the week before if possible.

Weekly scoring will be based on NASCAR's point system:

1st: 185 points

12th: 127 points
23rd: 94 points
34th: 61 points
2nd: 170 points
13th: 124 points
24th: 91 points
35th: 58 points
3rd: 165 points
14th: 121 points
25th: 88 points
36th: 55 points
4th: 160 points
15th: 118 points
26th: 85 points
37th: 52 points
5th: 155 points
16th: 115 points
27th: 82 points
38th: 49 points
6th: 150 points
17th: 112 points
28th: 79 points
39th: 46 points
7th: 146 points
18th: 109 points
29th: 76 points
40th: 43 points
8th: 142 points
19th: 106 points
30th: 73 points
41st: 40 points
9th: 138 points
20th: 103 points
31st: 70 points
42nd: 37 points
10th: 134 points
21st: 100 points
32nd: 67 points
43rd: 34 points
11th: 130 points
22nd: 97
33rd: 64 points

You can get 5 bonus points if your submitted driver takes the pole.
If you miss the deadline or select a driver that you already used that half, you will be awarded NO POINTS.
Scoring will be based on NASCAR rules and official final results as posted on
You are responsible to review your points given each week and inform the commissioner of any descrepancies before the next weeks drivers are posted.
We look up scores online at and hand enter them on the pages. We do our best to be accurate, but are human. So PLEASE check your scores!!!

Tie Breakers:
The first tie breaker is the number of 1st place finishes.
The second tie breaker is the number of poles.

Lance Pearson (Crash & Burn) is the steward for this season of Fantasy NASCAR Challenge.
He will make all final decisions based on NASCAR rules and his best and fair decision.

NASCAR Final Results are usually posted online by 5pm the 1st business day following the race.
Note that sometimes official race results are not final and official until as late as Tuesday.

Good Luck to all challengers!!!

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