Updating your website can be your best investment in todays recovering economy. JWD can help bring new customers to you and make it easier for your customers to learn about you and reach you! Professional Affordable Website Consulting


JWD excels at internet website design, maintenance, updating, Search Engine Optimizing and other webmaster contract work.  I can guide Business Owners who are new to computers and take care of all their web needs, but can still compliment those who have used the internet many years and are just seeking something specific done with their current website.

I have been in the computer programming field for over 30 years now, so my computer experiences are vast.   I recently graduated from Dunwoody College in Minneapolis, MN at the top of my class and with perfect attendance for Web Design which shows I follow through with projects and produce quality product!

Please do not think this website is a sample of my best work. I am frankly so busy helping others that I never have the time required to make even this intro page more flashy. Click here to see some of my current live website work samples.

I am also a professional resume writer and interview coach.  I can jazz up that old resume of yours to help make the job search a much more simple task.  In this job market, you need to seperate yourself from the others to get a better chance at that interview.

FREE initial consultation. Nothing to lose...   Take the initiative and let me help you!   It is time for you to reap all the benefits that the World Wide Web has to offer. 

Email me today at Webmaster@JavesWebDesign.com.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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